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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Just posted this over on the STO Forum:

I am with Cryptic on this one regarding the console clickys, and I say that as someone who uses those "missiosn" frequently for the sheer convenience. But i would not one minute forget that it is an obvious exploit.

I run 6 alts through them every 3 days on average and that is some dilithium that is very welcome.

But I will most definitely play more serious Foundry missions once the farming is out of the way.

It is so easy to farm atm, that most of us forget to play.

The Fleet Starbases are really something that should happen sort of by itself while you are playing.

Now I also read some suggestions that would help without being exploits.

We could use a Report to Duty mission on the starbase that rewards some dilithium, maybe 480. That would not be much, but better than nothing, not so exploitable and puts actual traffic on the base.
Either add a second mission to the Officer of the Watch or combine it with the existing daily.

The existing daily reward should receive another 0. So 50 instead of 5 Fleet marks.
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