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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

2010: I've always loved AU eps, something I don't consider Trek's MU to have done to the same extent or very well at all. This episode was a classic example of what Trek would never ever have done and which was just delightful.

But first, the griping.

Carter looks terrible with this hair style. I have loved other women with this cut but not Carter!!

And to continue this in depth episode analysis:

Janet. Frasier. You are so gorgeous.

Now to the gritty. Carter is married to a seemingly decent bloke who is actually a schmuck. I love how O'Neill is so understated in his sarcastic petty jealousy about Carter's husband. After the thrill of O'Neill I am sure this guy is dead dull and don't we all suspect that this had a hand in propelling her towards the Stargate in her big CHANGE TIME plan?

I know I would change time to get something better than that guy. The Aschen really screwed up here because if Carter had had kids she might have not been so keen to wipe out their existence through her slingshot around the sun flare. But the husband? pfft..

Thoroughly enjoyed this.

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