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Re: Transporter, how's they work?

Again, please note that the bodies of those five people were stored in a transporter-based system, namely Quark's holosystem. The station computers only held the five brain patterns.

In contrast, the transporter system of the Voyager was able to hold a great number of "entire" people in the buffer for much longer than mere minutes in "Counterpoint". It consumed a lot of power, resulted in cumulative damage, and hit time limits at what looked like anything between fifteen minutes and two hours, but it did work. And with a bit of ingenuity, a single person could be held in the buffer (or perhaps cycled in and out) for seven decades in "Relics", making him immune to the passage of time.

So storage in pure data form is actually something of a last last resort, when the transporter tech itself can achieve similar results more conveniently by using the "patterns in buffer" approach. Computing would not appear to be involved in any major way in the storage of transporter patterns in buffer...

Timo Saloniemi
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