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Re: Ensigns of Command question..

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He'd be willing to let everything his colony had established be destroyed along with all its people to encourage some other colonists he knew nothing about?
What was the point of getting killed at the Alamo? Nobody survived, but the senseless defense sent a message.
Dunno, never learned about it.

But I'd assume that if they had no way out, then they'd have to try, no matter what.

That's among the most common reasons to put up a defensive fight: to be remembered.
And who was going to remember the colonists, considering that a week before, know one in the galaxy knew about them?

Generally, you don't get attacked unless the attacker is certain of his victory, after all, so the defense achieves nothing in pure tactical terms.
Huh? Sounds like you;re saying that if you are attacked in war, the best choice is to surrender, because the attackers are probably going to win!
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