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Re: Thine Own Self mistake?

Data was always listed as the ship's 3rd in command, regardless of rank.
...Although in a funny slip of tongue, Picard calls Data his "second in command" in "The Battle", even though he obviously means "second in command after Riker".

Troi could have taken that test any time during the previous six years, if she wanted to.
...And if she had taken it at Ensign rank, she would probably have been promoted to junior Lieutenant as the result. The test does not seem to be related to rank as such: it merely clears the officer to perform the menial task of standing bridge watches, plus it gives her or him some brownie points that count toward the next promotion.

People like McCoy and Pulaski did not appear to have taken that test at any point. People like Bashir probably took it at an earliest opportunity, perhaps even all the way back in the Academy.

OTOH, people who don't wear blue may have had a test like this as mandatory in their basic Academy training already. Data was definitely qualified to stand bridge watches despite holding lower rank than Crusher and Troi, and despite never referring to having taken the test the way Crusher and Troi did.

It's not clear when Worf obtained this rating, certainly prior to his taking command of the Defiant for the first time.
Worf was placed in command of the saucer section in the pilot episode already, possibly indicating he had the course or its requirements down pat from the very start.

I think Data remained a lieutenant commander for as long as he did because of his actions in Pen Pal.
He always was slow to seek for promotion, though, as per the career history he outlines in "Datalore". And "Pen Pals" took place out in the sticks, on a two-month survey mission, where all things need not have been reported back to HQ... Data personally offended Picard there, up to and including refusing a direct order to cut communications with Sarjenka and instead piping those into the loudspeakers - but in subsequent episodes, Picard did not feel the slightest bit offended by Data, and may quite well have refused to file any sort of a reprimand against him.

She couldn't climb above lieutenant commander while being "only" a councilor.
One wonders... She did remain at that position after obtaining the rank. And we have seen doctors holding all sorts of rank from Ensign to Admiral. Nothing on screen precludes career-specific ceilings, but OTOH nothing actually requires them, either.

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