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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The more I hear about the changes, the less and less I want to play in the future. Now getting rid of the quick Foundry rewards? That's part of why I play. As it is, the rewards are just barely enough to make up for the grind for me. But to get worse?

The new content better be damned good to make up for all the rest of the crap. But I seriously doubt it will be. I find fleet actions and STF's a bore (only play them for the loot, because I like loot, and even then it's pretty rare), and that's what most of the new stuff sounds like.

I guess I do have several long RPG's I haven't even started yet. And there are a couple Steam sales coming up...but damn, I love Trek, and I love medium-paced space shooter games, and STO does both.
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