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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Four: Thallonians!

Of course, New Frontier predates the Star Charts book, but as Steve Mollmann says, we know from the first NF story that Deep Space Five is the closest Federation starbase to Sector 221-G, so that helps us place it on the Star Charts map. And, happily, what the charts give us seems to fit quite well, with Federation and Romulan space both reasonably nearby. In terms of the wider Trek lit universe, the SCE tale "Small World" pretty much confirms the placement, as Mu Arae, the Typhon Expanse, etc, are all featured or mentioned in that story, and Thallonian territory is also mentoned as being in the general region. In fact, the Koas ship that heads to Mu Arae is said to have traveled through former Thallonian space to get there. The Danteri are mentioned in the same story as one of the nations, alongside the Romulans and Breen, that the Koas could have attempted to contact but didn't, again conforming that the New Frontier region is coreward of Earth and around where Steve Mollmann placed it.
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