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Re: Giant-Size TOS Poster Featuring Pretty Much Everyone

Wonderful work, really fun to look over and see who's included.

At first I couldn't figure out the woman who is next to Adam from "The Way to Eden", but I'm guessing now it's Odona from "The Mark of Gideon".

It's a little creepy the way Bele is leering at Edith Keeler (instead of looking at Loki).

Finnegan looks a little like Dana Carvey. And a real kick to see Charlie holding his head (like it's throbbing), with the lizard cradled in his arm.

A couple of liberties taken, though. I don't think that space tug or space station (adjacent to the Romulan and Klingon vessels) were ever in TOS...

And I'm a little bummed not to see Captain Tracey, Matt Decker, or any of the other Starfleet captains. Also... no Mr. AtoZ, Dr. Adams, Helen Noel, or a Horta?
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