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Re: Trip & T'Pol Appreciation Society, 2010 Edition

Spook/Hoorah! Admirer wrote: View Post
So, I made a little wallpaper for myself based off of how nice they look together in this episode...
Lovely wallpaper! "North Star" is one of my favorites.

I don't know, maybe we could make Trip/T'Pol holiday art like wallpapers, sig banners, or icons. That could be nice.
I like this idea. Whoever wants to contribute, just post your pretties in here.

teacock wrote: View Post
Is it Hopeful Romantic that does the yearly calendar?
I'm happy to hear people are still using the calendars.

Spook/Hoorah! Admirer wrote: View Post
Well 2012 is beautiful. It will be nice to see 2013. Thanks.
Thank you! RL will be pretty insane the rest of the year, so I might do what I did last year and put up January while I build the rest.
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