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Leaving in an escape pod in Cause and Effect...

I was just watching Cause and Effect and I thought of something... After the nacelle had been hit and they realized they were going to lose the ship, Riker calls for "all hands to emergency escape pods!" Well... I was wondering... If someone HAD made it to an escape pod in the time between Riker made the announcement and the ship exploded, what would have happened to them? I understand, there's only about 20 seconds between Riker making the announcement and the ship exploding, it's very unlikely anyone would have time to make it into one and also unlikely that it would have had power to exit the ship and get far enough away... but IF...

Consider... if the ship being destroyed ruptured the space-time continuum as Data and Geordi suggested, and avoiding destruction kept them from repeating the loop, then would a person making it out in an escape pod be free from the loop before the rest of the ship? If that were the case, would they have been removed from the ship during the next loop or would they be... duplicated? This is just a hypothetical question I thought of while I was watching it. I'm curious what you guys think.

Here's the clip, for reference.

Edit: I don't remember how to embed youtube videos using BB code... never tried to before... (>_>)

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