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Again you are wrong, in fact they DO comment on such things,
Not authoritatively -- i.e. in publications, magazines, documentaries, etc -- and not as a matter of habit, which is the point.

I've read more than enough articles on books from such scientists to know you are completely wrong.
Have you?

Because I'd venture a guess that most of the "articles on books from such scientists" you have read were, in fact, written by theoretical physicists and/or cosmologists. You don't see a lot of archeologists producing articles/books/interviews about astronomy, for example, except to the extent it's pertinent in their field.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but many scientists these days also are part of groups outside their chosen field
Of course they are. And for some reason they feel obliged to cite their scientific background as if it gives them intellectual authority on just about anything the group happens to be discussing publicly.

It's really that simple. Just because a physicist somewhere thinks that a cybernetic penis is a really cool idea doesn't mean it's likely to become a really popular item in the not-too-distant future.

I see no problems with gathering intellectual thought into such speculations
Neither do I. My point is that many people -- like you, for example -- treat that speculation as being more worthy of attention because it comes from physicists and/or cosmologists, and members of those two fields are accustomed to that kind of treatment, even when they obviously have no idea what the hell they're talking about.

It's a dangerous thing to be in a position where you can pull totally unsupported speculation out of your ass and have everyone validate it as meaningful. Case in point: what does an astrobioligst actually do? He speculates about what alien life might look like. That's a scientific discipline without an ounce of empirical data, without even a theoretical basis to start from; I, by the same token, am a professional dragonslayer, which I am fully prepared to demonstrate if and when anyone ever encounters a live dragon.
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