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Re: "The Three Saaviks"

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Diane Carey had a proposed third Piper novel canned, too, and a sequel duology, "The Federation Mutiny".
Thank goodness. Two Piper novels were two too many.

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I like Valeris as a character more than either of the two Saaviks. For a Vulcan, she had more carisma on screen than the other two did. I also liked the hair and the hairband that the actress designed. She was more than just Saavik 2.0, in my eyes. Kim Cattrall did a good job giving Valeris her own identity.
I don't like Kim Cattrall as an actress, I don't like her voice, and her dumb hairstyle and hairband made her look like a Vulcan with a fat face.


Not even Sarek, a full Vulcan, was as emotionless as a cardboard box, which is basically how Robin Curtis played Saavik. For me, Saavik is Kirstie Alley or nobody.
Totally agree with Saavik. Alley is Saavik.

I normally agree with you about Kim Cattrall. I have pretty much hate everything she has ever done but I actually did like her as Valeris. Maybe because STVI required someone that is normally super annoying to play a cold emotionless vulcan.
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