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Re: World War Z premiere to coincide with end of the world

Tom Servo wrote: View Post
I've never read the book, so I have no context of whats different, but I think this looks pretty damn cool. I like the different take on the zombie outbreak that what has been seen before.
Like what? All I saw was Standard Hollywood Tropes(TM) plus some action scenes.

We've got the Spielbergian hero, wife and cute kids in tow. For reasons unexplained, he has some special ability to fight zombies that makes his indispensable (not even sure what they're getting at there - immune to zombie bites, has magic healing blood or what?) It's all old hat, I felt like I've already seen this movie.

But basing a movie on the book structure, complete with the anthlogy format, would have been an interesting departure from the norm. The anthology format provides a particularly eerie effect, since you only get bits and pieces of the story and it takes a while to put it all together, like just seeing glimpses of things in a darkened room.

It also allows the story to be told from the perspective of people all over the world, which sells the idea that this is a monstrous, global threat, instead of focusing mainly on just one character, who of course must be a white male.
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