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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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You can re-imagine a series and stay within continuity.
History--and evidence--proves you wrong, and i'm still waiting for official acknowledgement about TMP being a "reimagining" of TOS.

Enterprise is a prequel. It contains a few retcons, but what Trek series doesn't.
ENT had in volume.

Assuming that just because one piece of information in a book is true makes everything in that book true is incredibly naive, foolish and shortsighted. That Lord and Bridges were considered for the part of the Captain is a matter of records and aren't a Trek myth. The Trek myths are things like the Network didn't want a female XO or they were resistant to casting nonwhites.
As posted previously, you were making a blanket rejection of older published material, as though it is all a pack of myths and lies:

The older the book the more likely it was just regurgitating the "myths".
...which you stated without offering so much as a single word of countering, proven fact. It should be easy to see why your argument cannot be taken seriously.

The the opinions of a reviewer is not the same as NBC's. Show me a memo from NBC about how they'd love to have TAS in primetime or a new live action show, then you'll have something worth believing.
You were also rejecting NBC's basic interest in both a return of TOS and TAS, which I quickly debunked with two published references about the TAS' journey to the NBC schedule. I notice you avoid commenting on that.


...and this from a person who--without a bit of evidence--argues that TMP was a "reimagining....

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