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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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So it is better for the entire world to live in the dark and where physics so not work then to let Sgt Monroe USMC (deserter) be the first to have electricity?
Yeah, Sebastian really lived up to his Marine oath, didn't he? Chesty Puller would chew him up, spit him out, and do all kinds of ugly, mean and nasty things to him...then he'd REALLY get mad!

A lot of people who have posted on the Revolution FB page really don't accept that Sebastian and Miles were Marines. I at first thought they were Army. They just don't carry themselves like US Marines at all.

I don't think Monroe is part of the bigger equation any more than whoever is running any of the other "republics" in what's left of North America. They're trying to keep the pendants away from the two-bit dictators, yes, but more importantly, I think they want them kept away from Randall and whoever he really works for.
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