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Re: National Novel Writing Month

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One of the things I'm currently wrestling with regarding my own writing (my hoped-for novel still very much in the planning stages) is how to incorporate important information about my setting without slipping into infodumps or awkward dialogue. Ideally, I'd want to build up this world in the backdrop, but moving the information from my (extensive!) notes into the actual writing, and ensuring the right details are established well enough for certain essential points of the plot to have impact, is going to be tough. I've got the novel and its background - plot, characters, themes, setting - like a model of a finished building in my mind, but actually bringing it into being is going to be tough.
You should give me a yell sometime. It's probably too complex to do here in forum posts, but we could chat about it. I am a ruthless plotter. I love world-building, but I think I've gotten very good at figuring out what details flesh out your world while adding to the story, and which ones just devolve your narrative into authorial masturbation.
Thanks for the offer. I might well take you up on it at some point.
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