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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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1994 was not some ancient period of your so-called "myths" about ST, otherwise, the same book's chapter about other possible Enterprise captains (Jack Lord and Lloyd Bridges among them) should be disregarded as myth in the present day...despite the fact they were documented considerations still accepted as fact.
CBS and Paramount continue to propagate myths about the series in promotional materials. Just take a look at a book like Star Trek 365 (2010). It's a nicely illustrated book, with some good material in it, but that doesn't stop it from simply quoting Roddenberry's debunked accounts of certain things (i.e. Number One's elimination from the first pilot).

I don't get your second point. Because the book has things in it that aren't true (like the demographic story) it can't have things in it that are true (like Jack Lord and Lloyd Bridges being considered for the role of Robert April/Christopher Pike)? That doesn't make any sense.
What I mean is if Zombie Cheerleader elects to make what I understood to be a blanket rejection of older published material, then such a viewpoint would prevent one from accepting things from the same source that were proven true by outside sources and remain confirmed to this day. One cannot simply write off everything published in the past, as the passage of time also carries the "poison" of revisionist history (the 365 book you referred to which is loaded with revision) for present day ST property handlers trying to reshape the franchise in their own image.

In other words, it is a myth that all older publications are filled with false stories, since my other example (the NBC/Filmation matter) was in the 1994 book, and the man behind Filmation confirms it in his 2012 bio, with no countering information to debunk either passage.
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