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Re: Voyager vs. Enterprise-D (extenuating circumstances)

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Enterprise-D from "All Good Things" ... Voyager from "Endgame"
Would Voyager also have a third nacelle duct tape to her hull?

And given the time period of the future segment of All Good Things, would not all Starfleet vessels (including the Enterprise D) have the Voyager's batmobile armor as standard equipment?

In which case the Enterprise D would completely destroy the Voyager, owing to it larger size, larger power supply and larger number of weapons.
Plus they would have more info on how they all work seeing as they would be from their time period which means possible defenses against the torpedoes, possible ways to get past the armor, and likely possible additional future weapons Admiral Janeway might have though weren't necessary or that easy to make in the 2370s.
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