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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

The holiday shopping gauntlet has begun:
nightgown for Mom -check
ornaments for best pal -check
dad's tweed cap arrived in the mail -check
Amazon just shipped family friend's dvd & cd. -check

Four people done!
Now I have:
nephew's birthday
hubby's boss's wife's birthday
mother-in-law's Xmas gift
crazy-ass sister-in-law's Xmas gift
crazy-ass sister-in-law's son's Xmas gift
middle sister's Xmas gift
middle sister's daughter's Xmas gift
middle sister's other daughter's Xmas gift
middle sister's youngest daughter's Xmas gift
older sister's Xmas gift
nephew's Xmas gift
hubby's boss's wife Xmas gift
friend's Xmas gift
and potentially ex-friend's teenage daughter's Xmas gift.

FUCK. Just making out that list makes me tired.
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