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Re: TNG Caption This! 290: Security Concerns...

Maitre D' (OS): "Sorry, there's no reservation for 6 under the name Jean-Luc Picard."

Picard: "Hmm. Young Mr. Crusher assured me he made the reservations. I thought I told him to make the reservation under my name, but maybe he missed that. Do you have any parties of 6 at all?"

Maitre D' (OS): "Let's see. We do have one—an A. Nalfisher. Is that your group?"

Picard: "On second thought, I seem to be mistaken. We decided to eat in after all. Sorry to trouble you."

Geordi (to self): "That Wesley, he always has to get so gross. I told him we should have gone with Ivana B. Luft."

Even in the 24th Century, it took forever to get the photocopier repair person on site.
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