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Re: What was with the switching between uniforms in Generations?

My guess is this: the proposed new Starfleet uniform design that was planned for GEN was also going to make its way over to VOY. At the 11th hour, the decision was made to scrap the new uniform designs. As a result, the decision was made to just carry over the DS9 style uniforms to VOY. So I guess they wanted the TNG crew to use the DS9 style uniforms, too. Unfortunately, because of the last-minute costuming change, they didn't have time and/or money to construct new DS9 uniforms for each member of the TNG cast along with enough DS9 uniforms for all of the extras (they probably had to share them with DS9 and supplies may have been limited). Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, considered the "stars" of the TNG films, managed to get the new costumes. They managed to fit Frakes into one of Avery Brooks' costumes and LeVar Burton into one of Colm Meaney's. They may not have had jumpsuits that fit properly for Dorn, McFadden and Sirtis. Or perhaps they just didn't want to wear the new style. So they ended up using both uniform designs.
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