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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Whoever, (netflix?) is showing you this stuff, might be airing it in production order opposed to actual airing dates. Basics part one is the final episode of series two. I first noticed this whenever the local station would try to air TOS, they'd always start with the Mantrap (The one with the salt monster) rather than either of the pilots.

I loved this episode becuase Janeway lost.

She was an arrogant prick who got humbled.

problem was, now that she believed that she was humble, the poor old girl felt even freer to be a more intensely arrogant and a much larger prick, becuase it would be impossible to relearn this lesson she'd already become qualifed for.
I am watching this on Amazon Prime. Here, it shows Basics 1 & 2, False Profits, and then Sacred Ground. It would make so much more sense if Basics was the season end! Darn internet TV!
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