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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

Before I continue, I've not read any of the other posts in this thread, I'll go back and read it once done, hopefully not all what I am about to say has already been said.

Firstly, I would just like to thank you David Mack for what is in my most not so humble opinion the best Trek book to come out this year, if not for a good few years. It was not just fun, but an unexpected joy to read. Some of the events and the structure of the book felt like a "David Mack Greatest Hits Album." We had the Orbital insertion from A Time to Kill. We had a Starship hiding in a Gas Giants atmosphere similar to Wildfire. We also had the extended period of time chronicling the adventures of a secondary character before they meet up with the primary characters. And I loved it, yes you've rehashed ideas, but they felt fresh with new twists, Geordie even made a reference to the Tezwa insertion and how badly that went for his team.

The story of Soong was fun, I liked the first person perspective narrative in his section, his highs and lows were interesting, although he comes across as a bit of a bastard, he's a lovable one. His unrelenting love for his boys came across on the page and his final sacrifice seemed appropriate and the way Data has been brought back seems plausible, he's Data, but different and if he shows up again, as I suspect he does, I hope we see how different Data now is to how he was before he died. Unlike the recent resurrection of herself which just seemed meh in comparison, the resurrection of Data was brilliant and had me smiling like a loon when I was on the bus.

I enjoyed the primary story (or is it more a secondary story) of the heist, investigation and subsequent infiltration of the Breen/Borg factory. There are a few questions I have regarding that. Why didn't the factory become inert like all other Borg tech post Caeliar and why was it there? Wasn't the rogue Borg Lore allied with somewhere nearer the Delta Quadrant?

I did gasp and need to read the sentence twice when Choudhury was killed, it was unexpected and I share Worfs sentiments regarding it being a senseless death.

As you can probably tell, I really did like The Persistence of Memory, after a few lack luster novels, this was a real joy to read and I can't wait till Silent Weapons is out in a few weeks.
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