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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Day 1 of Christian's storyboarding Axanar happened yesterday. Being an amazing visual artist (Christian Gossett is the creator of The Red Star and worked as a concept artist on Peter Jackson's King Kong and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) he brings a breadth of experience to the role of Director. It was a great experience for me as Christian and I enjoy a great collaborative relationship. I wrote the script (with Dave Galanter) and Christian is the Director. Together we are telling an amazing story and what Christian came up with BLEW ME AWAY. It will look unlike any other Star Trek production. I am very excited.

A scene Christian came up with to introduce Kharn, the lead Klingon and Commander of the Klingon Fleet. Christian wants a scene like the garden secne in "Midway" where we first meet Yamamato. And yes, Christian and I, both see Klingons as Samurai, the honor warriors. "Midway" is a favorite of both of us and "The Last Samurai" and anything Kurosawa are inspirations.

Will post more as we move along. Christian and I storyboarded the first major battle yesterday.

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