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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

^Realistically what you're saying was that the goal was to basically make it so that it appears that there's something new to do (grind) without having to go through all the pesky work of actually making something.

Not everyone is sitting on a horde of gear, but for those that have, it kinda means they've run these once or twice. to essentially have to restart like it's your first run is fairly obnoxious/insulting. Obviously they don't want everyone pegged on day one, but again, is the goal to fix how the system works, or to create the illusion of new content? If we've run enough STFs to be sitting on that much loot, haven't we kinda already completed it anyway?

Want to avoid this problem, release some new damned STFs (as in, a whole new set) like they said they intended to, rather that just keep warming over and reserving this moldy leftover. This is what, the 3rd time they've presented these same missions to us, and given a new path to grind them, rather than making new stuff? How about expanding the Terradome mission into a series, for example, and make new loot?

As infuriating as the RNG was for loot drops, at least there was a chance you wouldn't have to regrind 300 MORE runs of this thing to be able to get gear for your alt. Now, I suppose, you at least know you'll get it eventually, but it WILL be the 300 runs or whatever. Per alt. I just don't see myself able to stomach that. Why isn't there some sort of account-level acknowledgement that you've ground this damned thing to death already, at least reduce the time/cost on the alt runs...

Edit: Timelord, we've long known that's how they work. Just lazy shit. And when they want to make something harder, they just up the shield power and give them super-weapons. Not change the numbers of ships, or timing, introduce waves, no strategy, just tweak the damage settings up or down. As mindless as it gets.
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