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Re: Federation planets and internal revolution

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Well the Maquis ... they were planning on declaring those colonies in the DMZ a independent nation. I'm not sure what the Federation could have done to stop them.
Likely nothing, especial since (imo) they were never actual Federation members in the first place, but non-alined colonies with Federation citizens.

Zombie Redshirt wrote: View Post
I've actually wondered how the Federation would handle the issue of secession.
Going back to the eighties, the (non-canon) technical manuals and the booklets that went with the role playing games often gave different numbers for the number of members in the Federation. Some had it as high as fifteen hundred members in the 23rd century.

So, instead of the Federations membership gradually and steadily growing to the one hundred and fifty plus figure that Picard mentioned in FC, the Federation might have been considerably larger at some point in it's history, and then there were a series of secessions that eventually reduced it total membership to around one hundred and fifty.

Some fans think that the Federation changed between TOS and TNG, becoming a more consolidated federal state, with a strong central organized government. (I never saw this) This might have driven out the majority of the sovereign minded, independant members leaving only about ten percent in the membership by the 24th century.

Picard in a few episodes did seem to be actively recruiting for new members. And they were considering Bajor for membership, even through Bajor didn't seem to be able to bring much to the party. We also heard and saw the Federation fighting border wars to hang on to territory.

The federations boundries look to be farther out in the 24th century, but how much of it former interior was composed of former members? Hopefully friendly.

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