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Re: Revisiting MYSTERY MEN in a post-Avengers world

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I was surprised to learn that this wasn't an original concept, but an adaptation of characters from Bob Burden's indie Flaming Carrot Comics, albeit with the Carrot himself removed.
Yep! As someone who was an avid reader of Flaming Carrot, and as someone who's favorite issues were the Mystery Men two parter, I was a little let down with the movie. In the movie, they didn't come off as the 2nd string, blue collar, mill town heroes as well as in the comics. Plus, the second of that two parter was hilarious, especially once they hit the bars and started getting drunk.

The movie felt off to me for the usual reasons: most of The Mystery Men weren't in it (C'mon, no Bondo Man?), the ones that were didn't look like their comic counterparts, nor did they act like them much. Mr. Furious is a dork who thinks getting angry gives him powers vs. the bad ass who's already pissed off all the time?

Still, I enjoyed it for what it was and I certainly wouldn't mind revisiting thanks to this thread. Was a little let down that they didn't work Flaming Carrot in somehow, some little in joke or something.

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