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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Sacred Ground

Why don’t they change out of their uniform when they are on shore leave? Kes found a glowing shrine and when she walked closer for inspection she was buffeted backward and knocked out. Neelix uncovers a way that Kes may be saved; Janeway has to go through the Monk’s ritual and plead for Kes’ life.

As Janeway prepares for the ritual she is stripped and cleaned by her guide, who also takes away all of the technology and censors. It appears that her challenge is feeling helpless. I officially hate this episode, let me explain why. First, this past Sunday my husband and I were hiking and he walked by a bush and on the other side of the bush was a Mohave Green Rattlesnake. When I looked up he was in a mid-air jump with a rattler at his feet. He was only 6 inches away from it when he heard a hiss and a rattle. He was fine, but it was a close and scary call! So, needless to say I was actually yelling at the TV, “Don’t reach your hand into the hissing/rattling basket Janeway, Don’t do it”!! Yeah, a three-fanged snake…eeekk. I almost turned this ridiculous episode off.

Favorite part: Ummm….Janeway got to play with finger paints….

Least favorite part: What a horrible episode to end the season with. Basics 1 &2 would have been a much better choice.
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