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Re: Episode of the Week: 11001001

Now this is a nice episode. Ron Jones' opening theme with the Enterprise approaching the starbase is one I often play in my car when I approach my destination, and the visuals just jump out in HD.

Glad they fixed the approach lights on the recalled discs. At first I thought they removed it to make their footage look more unique compared to STIII, but than the lights are seen in the next shot.

And while I do wish I could give Riker a bonk on the head for being a girl seeker when he still clearly has feelings for Troi, I'll give it a pass because he's just indulging himself and trying to have a good time. And for all my hate towards the holodeck, it's use here was well executed.

And I will always love the Bynars line "You might have said no". Made total sense to me given Starfleet's reputation of willful genocide and the way they blindingly follow the Prime Directive. Score 1 for the aliens.
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