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Trek actors in other roles

My family and I, while watching movies, series, commercials, etc., make a point of pointing out actors who we recognize from their work in Star Trek. So it was a treat last night to watch the 1979 film called The Onion Field, which was chock full of alum:
John Hurt - VOY's Capt. Ransom
Franklyn Seales - TMP's unnamed crewman
Phillip Allen - TSFS's Capt. Esteban
Ronny Cox - TNG's Capt. Jellico
Christopher Lloyd - TSFS's Kruge
Richard Herd - TNG's L'kor & VOY's Adm. Paris
K Callan - DS9's Alsia
Michael Pataki - TOS's Karnas & TNG's Korax
John de Lancie - TNG/DS9/VOY's Q
Jesse Lawrence Fergeson - TNG's Lutan

The Law & Order shows as well as the CSI series have always been a good source for this past time but this is the greatest number of Trek actors in one non-Trek film that I've seen. I dare you to top this!
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