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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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I also managed to write a first-person female character and I didn't use the phrase "that time of the month" even once.
Women don't actually talk like that.
Women do a lot of things, and don't do a lot of other things. It comes up in conversation sometimes, but is not the central theme to every thought or conversation a woman has.

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I wouldn't do it. It's much too personal. Remember, she is supposed to read / review it in front of all the class. That'd be rather embarassing for her as she seems to be as shy as you are. And making her feel that uncomfortable would be the safest way to kill the relationship before it even started.

Write her a different story she can work on and give her the personal story as a present. You can say it's in return for the hug.
The reviews aren't done in front of the class. There are papers to fill out. Only I will see it, and the teacher if I turn it in later, unless I show it to other people for some reason. I could read the story to the class, but I don't have to. Also, while we're both hesitant to overtly point out the apparent mutual attraction between us, neither one of us is particularly shy. Also, we're both writers, and used to sharing personal things in general.
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