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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Yeah, obviously not going to be a 1 for 1. But when I tested my conversion, i traded in (roughly):

60 Rare Salvage
60 Proto Salvage
300 EDC
10 Rare Tech
5 Proto Tech

Turns out that's enough now for about 1.5 set pieces. Kinda looks like I've got enough for 15 set pieces, full Mk XII weapon loadout of every rainbow color for all my ships, and 20 full Retro Borg 3-piece sets.

Doesn't QUITE translate to even ballpark value, does it? Seems like a little more buying power now, when it'll get me 1.5 space pieces or 2 ground pieces after.

Oh, and then gotta grind out another couple hundred of these things to get back to the point where i can buy a piece even if I WAS given the goods to buy it with. They doubled the trade-in value and it still doesn't seem fair. Not sure how you can really defend another POV on that issue...

Now i just gotta pull up the spreadsheet, find a good jumping off point, and trash the rest for DIL. And then decide whether to bother grinding more STFs in the first place. At least my main toon has both sets of ground and space, and the BOFFs have my old Mk XI gear sets, so really don't need more there. My alts are another sad story, but just not sure I can stomach grinding this system from scratch multiple times. Would be nice if there was a 'fast track' for your alts, so if you maxed the system on one character, the next one can move through faster. Frustrating as hell having my main toon all geared out, and when I started focusing on another alt (KDF), I don't even have enough to get the remodulator, so I gotta run Elite STFs with the damned 5-second remodulation. More than enough chips/tech on the other toon, can't even spend it, and no way to help out my other ones...
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