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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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Voyager is actually inline with TNG speeds. At Warp 9 traveling 70,000 LY it would take 84 years to get home assuming a non-stop flight.
That's the TOS scale. By the putative TNG scale, Warp 9 would be a bit over 1500 times the speed of light (46 year transit time).
No, that is by the TNG scale. TNG Warp 9 = 833c.
Not by the scale quoted in backstage sources. I'm aware that "Bloodlines" is inconsistent with it, though.

Although looking a second time, it seems that this "9.975" speed is quoted from an alien species (2371) and Neelix but haven't found one from an actual crew member...
Stadi in the pilot episode and Janeway in one of the timetravel episodes.
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