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Re: The Host and Continuity

Sandoval wrote: View Post
It's just a bit of a retcon like everything else - in The Host the symbiont took over the host's body, in DS9 it's a merging of the two.

No need to over-think it too much, just the evolution of a concept when it jumped from a one-shot TNG episode to being used regularly in DS9.
Exactly. I think sometimes we all forget that these are just TV shows.

Dream wrote: View Post
They should have just called the spieces on DS9 something completely new instead calling it Trill. It wouldn't have been hard to invent a new species similar to the Trill their symbiotes. Way to many recons happened by trying to make it fit.
I agree. Once they decided the forehead makeup wasn't what they wanted and the no-transporting thing was impractical, they should have just renamed it.
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