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Re: why didnt the voyager crew have tng uniforms

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About fitting problems, IIRC only Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner had new early DS9/VOY-style uniforms made. Jonathan Frakes wore Avery Brooks'.
Yeh thats what I read at one point, Burton wore Colm Meaney's. Lends credence to the overwhelming belief many have that the TNG movies were very Stewart/Spiner centric in all ways.

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I once read a British Army Officer during the 2nd World War had to order a retreat from a town they had been holding for days and shaved just before doing so, as if your going to have to retreat your going to do it with dignity.
Could just be practical as that officer taking his last chance for a hot shower and shave for awhile if he's retreating out to the wilderness.
Possibly although the story as I remember it was he shaved during the retreat itself which was in no way a planned withdraw and instead during battle (he may have also been injured, I must try and find an online account for the tale).

Edit: It was Robert Henry Cain

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