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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

To be fair, it is also clear from comments over the past month that everyone here expected a loss in the conversion process.

The fact that people are commenting about the degree of loss now indicates many of us didn't expect this much of a loss in the conversion process. Even I myself feel that the conversion rate is *extremely* low. And honestly, what else is there to play at end-game? Cryptic's worry about players not having a reason to play STFs under the new reputation system is totally unfounded. In fact, my belief is that a better conversion rate would actually incentivize players to play more as players will feel they have gained a significant leg up towards getting those new Mk XII items. Having such a low conversion rate is in fact very demoralizing to the playerbase. I have heard several regular players saying they are seriously considering not playing STO anymore due to feeling like their past STF achievements have been tossed out the window.
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