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Re: "The Three Saaviks"

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Yeah they line "They killed your son" would've been really strong coming from Saavik.
Especially if they carried through the intention that there was some form of attraction between them during STII, even if they had decided not to act on it by the time they arrived on Genesis his death would have brought up those thoughts and feelings

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If they weren't gonna use Saavik, then at least make a new original character. Change something, please. Make him a male, a science officer rather than helmsman, non-Vulcan.
We did get something different though, Saavik was the Enterprise science officer when they left space dock and switched to be the navigator when Spock gave Kirk command. Then on the Grissom we saw her again as a science officer.

Its possible these roles are similar to a degree as we saw Chekov take the science position during TOS and STIII when Spock wasnt there.

Being a helmsman was a slightly different take, although there was a comic set where Sulu first took command of the Excelsior and Saavik temporarily replaced him even using the same "I volunteered" line.

If they had been able to get Alley back then it would have made the movie much better, I always liked her version of the character, Curtis just seemed to be there but that could be down to Nimoy Vulcanising the character where as Meyer wanted her more emotional than Spock.
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