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Angel4576 wrote: View Post
I can't help but feel....underwhelmed by this.

No squadmates, no hub world, more Cerberus. I think this has become a 'watch on You Tube' job.

Oh well, hopes move on to the Citadel DLC I guess.
Yeah, I was hoping that the female Turian would end up being a permanent squadmate. With Ash/Kaiden and Tali arriving so late in the game it'd be nice to have a little more variety. Also disappointing that you can't bring your own squadmates along as I thought--given his history with Omega--having Garrus along for this mission would be a no-brainer. I'll still be getting it though.

As for watching it on the youtubes, you already can...a bit.

Jim Steele wrote: View Post
ME3 is the only Bioware game I haven't bothered getting the DLC for. That ending just rendered the whole enterprise utterly pointless
First off, as I've said many many times in this thread: I hated the way the ending was executed. For me, Destroy is still the only sane choice. That being said, Leviathan was *VERY* good. Like 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' good. Indeed, if it had been a part of the game at launch, the ending wouldn't have been *quite* as bad. Omega looks to be at least as good if not better, so I'm in. I can put aside the badness of the ending if it means I get to keep playing as my Shepard.

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Angel4576 wrote: View Post
No squadmates, no hub world, more Cerberus. I think this has become a 'watch on You Tube' job.
So... just like Lair of the Shadow Broker?
Well to be fair the Broker's ship was sort of a mini-hub with the random resource drops, investment missions (rubbish though they were), the secret files and vid footage all provided at least some post-mission content. So yeah, it'd be nice if you could revisit Omega after retaking it from Cerberus.

...on the other hand if they did make it a mini-hub, all you'd get is a new set of war asset fetch quests...oh well.

P.S. I am now a very happy bunny since my N7 loyalty pack contained a 'Harrier I'...FINALLY! I've wanted to use that weapon since it came out and until yesterday, it was the *only* Ultra Rare I didn't have.
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