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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

Officially, I don't think it was mentioned (on screen that is)... but I do recall that the way Roddenberry laid out the 'rules' clearly implied it, along with how we were told on-screen that Humanity changed its ways... would essentially require exposure to relevant general education of massive proportions [namely everyone] - doable decades ago in real life as well, just not 'profitable' or 'cost efficient'.
A society as one like the Federation wouldn't be able to function otherwise.

Of course, the writers clearly decided to water everything down (in order to make it seem not 'too alien') due to the premise that Trek was a commercialized TV show made for USA populace (for the most part).
We are who we choose to be but also have predefined aspects of our personalities we are born with, and make art that defines us.

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