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Re: The Genesis Sunrise

The skyline is exactly the same as in that "ice age" image, with the same higher ground close to the camera, but with some new lava flows in the terrain in between.

And there's something weird going on with the planet all right: when Saavik and David settle in a cave after the snowstorm, they witness a slow sunset over this horizon, and when Kirk and friends beam down into a dusky landscape and then wander to the cave and the Klingons there in near-darkness, we supposedly see the sun setting in the same overall direction again. But then, brief moments later, the sun rises again from behind the same horizon! Should we take this as a sign that the planet's surface is massively sinking in that direction? Or that the planet's rotation has been reversed?

Also, the spot at which the sun sinks when David watches is significantly to the right of the spot at which the sun rises when Kirk watches. Even assuming a very small planetoid with a nearby horizon (say, the original Regula rock), that can't be due to mere parallax in camera placement...

Are we perhaps near the poles, looking north or south towards the equator, and the sun wobbles up and down on an acute sinusoidal curve as the planet both rotates and precesses?

Timo Saloniemi
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