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Re: Ensigns of Command question..

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But the point is, once they were killed, they wouldn't have been "staying" there anymore. Any stay would've been quite temporary, and thus effectively wouldn't have counted. It's fundamentally different from the Cardassian DMZ situation, since that was a choice between leaving and living under oppression and harassment designed to force you to leave. This was a choice between leaving and dying, which I don't see as any choice at all.
I see the context of what you mean, but I meant it in a way of, if you stay, then you'll die, so technically they won't be "staying" which I think is obvious and didn't need to be said, but again I do understand what you meant and that's an excellent point. So let me ask you this Christopher, do you side with the Maquis or the Federation? I've asked that question before, but I love to hear what others think.
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