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Re: Federation planets and internal revolution

One may also want to consider that today's federal entities are geographically compact, whereas some key UFP colonies are spatially isolated from the "capital" or "core" worlds and may fall out of contact for an entire year before any action is taken. If the Falklands seceded from Great Britain, or Hawaii or Guam from the United States, much would depend on whether the motherland had the resources to force the issue - this in turn depending on who was backing the new government, overtly or covertly.

The UFP might choose to save face by "throwing out" a colony that has de facto seceded and perhaps also moved to the side of an enemy the Feds dare not challenge over something this insignificant. OTOH, rebellion at a completely irrelevant colonial holding might warrant a major military disciplinary action if a powerful foe might otherwise gain key territory or make the UFP lose face.

Timo Saloniemi
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