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Re: Unofficial art challenge for DS9! (SPOILERS FOR TP: RAISE THE DAW

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Okay- I've whipped something up. This is about 560 metres across. The ship is a placeholder from my builds- it's about 300 metres long. I think that I would double the size of this base to make it work.
That's pretty small compared to the original station:

Rick Sternbach blueprinted the visual effects miniature with a conceptual diameter of approximately 3,600 feet (1,100 meters), but the visual effects department later increased it to 5,280 feet (precisely one mile or 1,609.344 meters). In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, Sternbach compromised at 1,451.82 meters (4,763.19 feet), although the new size matches only Doug Drexler's images of the exterior in the book, not his cutaways which depict a smaller station.
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