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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

After watching the opening scenes a couple of times, it looks like they utilized that corridor when Kirk exits the transporter room and walks to the left. The corridor angles right or is split like a fork with a ladder at the split.

Later scene is after the titles, the same corridor is seen (Mytran's screen link) where it is at a distance and you can make out the turbolift close to the A frame.

However, they cut again, to an overhead view at the turbolift entrance and Kirk and co are entering.

The catch is that they aren't in the previous scene so, the interpretation for me is that these are three different corridors, IMO. As to the shadows from the side, it depends on the lighting conditions and what is on the other (hidden from camera) walls. We've seen whole sections open to a workspace or perpendicular hallway so it could be anything which makes placing these corridors very open ended (and I like that.)

Mytran wrote: View Post
I've spent a long while studying that particular corridor and trying to puzzle out how they fitted the various rooms we see into it. The corridor itself sports some very odd architectural features, not least of which it a couple of steps DOWN at the far end!
Just look at that door - it's a foot and a half below the deck line!

Of course, anyone who's read Solow & Justman's book will know about the awful slanting floors in the studio where the pilots were shot, and that they had to physically raise parts of the sets in order to keep the floors level.

However, in-universe it raises some interesting questions...
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