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Re: Neil deGrasse Tyson helps Superman locate Krypton

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I thought it blew up.
It still did. But light travels at a certain speed... so... on Earth...

therealsb63 wrote: View Post

Superman and Wonder Woman are an item now. Lois Lane has pretty much been made a background character. These kids in charge now have no clue, only that to them, changing things is the only way to make them "better."

And they might be right. The nu52 has been selling VERY well.... and really, isn't that what a business wants to do, sell its product?

I think the changes in Supes' costume also has something to do with the settlement that finally happened between DC and the estates of Siegel and Schuster.
I hadn't heard that. And I don't know why it would matter to any sort of settlement--which hasn't happened, litigation is still going on. I think they just thought, why is there underwear on the outside?

If anything, they did it to tie in with the movie's costume. But, there's no evidence of collaboration on it.
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