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Re: Ensigns of Command question..

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No, what allowed the Federation not to remove the colonists in Journey's End wasn't their renouncing their citizenship, it was the Cardassians permitting them to stay, despite the conditions of the treaty between the Federation and the Cardassians.
That's not how I remember it. True, they reached a peaceable agreement to let the inhabitants stay, but the planet fell under Cardassian rule henceforth, & Picard is adamant about making it understood that the inhabitants are no longer Federation citizens & any concerns they had in the future would go unanswered
Picard: Anthwara... I want to make absolutely sure you understand the implications of this agreement. By giving up your status as Federation citizens... any future request you or your people make for assistance from Starfleet will go unanswered. You will be on your own... and under Cardassian jurisdiction.
By choosing to renounce their citizenship, they are no longer Starfleet's responsibility, & therefore they would not be able to remove them forcibly. I would believe the same would hold true for any colony renouncing their citizenship, including Tau Cygna V

Both could have chosen to stay & die, though that would be a pretty stupid decision, & in the case of Tau Cygna V, they realized that, & in the Dorvan V case, they worked around that having to happen by coming to an agreement with the Cardassians, one which the Sheliak would not have agreed to

But like I said. Cardies are hardly honorable. They could have just wiped them clean from the planet at a later time if it suited their purpose
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