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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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As long as this thread doesn't get all MadBaggins-y,
My story about being in love with my cousin is much less interesting. No wrestling, no Batgirl, and most disappointingly of all, no dude named Thames.

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I'd recommend that you start small before asking her out. Simple, friendly conversations to start out and then eventually ask if she wants to get some coffee after class (give it at least two weeks of regular contact). Take it slow, and don't give her the impression that you're in love with her or anything.
We're at this point already. Even if I'm misreading her apparent romantic interest, she has expressed an interest in spending time with me outside of class, we just haven't yet. And no, I'm not in love with her, not yet anyway.

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Don't do that thing with the story, that's kind of creepy. Just write a good story man, make it light and funny. Don't make it personal, don't put her name, or pieces of conversations with her in it. just write.
Given the situation, It would most likely come off as me being a smart ass than being creepy. Also, this situation aside it does seem like a good subject for a story.

Also, I have spent plenty of time talking to her, she knows what my personality is like, and it appeals to her. If she was going to be creeped out by me, she would have done so already. The situation is more "It seemed like this was going on with us, so I wrote a story about it because it's a fun idea. Also, would you like to meet for coffee later?" and not "Hi, I'm in your English class. I know we've never talked and I don't know you at all, but I'm in love with you and I bought you this engagement ring. Also, can I sniff your panties?"

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I would write the story for her to read but I would not title it with her name. That way there's no pressure. With her name there it's kind of confronting because it puts her on the spot and she could worry that she will take it a way that you don't mean it and embarrassment could follow. I think if that's the sort of person you are the story is a great idea.
That was mostly in response to her "you better have something for me to read on Thursday" comment. Something like "Since you had to be all demanding, not only did I actually write something, I wrote it just for you. I put you're name in the title and everything. Would you get off my ass now?" in a sarcastic tone.

Embarrassing myself I'm not concerned about. It happens plenty, I'm good at it, and it's usually funny. Embarrassing her is probably less desirable. Although embarrassing myself is probably more likely here.
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