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Re: Great opening sequence

Hill Street Blues is my favorite: The station door rolls up and the squad cars emerge with lights and sirens, sliding a little in the rain as they speed into the grim city streets. The sound of police radio calls gives way to the slow, almost halting introductory piano notes of the wonderful, evocative Mike Post theme.

My favorite on a current show is Archer, retro-stylish and sexy with a slightly bizarre edge.

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I also love those Mike Post and Pete Carpenter themes. I'm not sure if there's an album out with all their stuff on it, but that would certainly be worth getting.
Mike Post made a record years back with HSB, The White Shadow, Greatest American Hero, Magnum P.I. and The Rockford Files. Not the original recordings but damn good, with the brilliant guitarist Larry Carlton. It's available in MP3. They replaced the harmonica on "Rockford" with synthesizer, though, which I'm not crazy about.

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