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I need to run this by some people...

Generally, when I have ideas that amuse me, I have a good sense if it's something that I can get away with, or if there will be negative consequences. Something like this I could get away with, whereas the consequences would outweigh the funny with, say, any amusing thought I have involving the TSA. However, I had a funny idea today that I really want to do, but I'm not sure how it will come off. So, I've decided to run it past you fine people.

There's this girl in my creative writing class that is awesome and I'm very much attracted to. From what I can tell, she feels the same way about me. However, neither of us is saying anything or acting on it. I'm not because I'm a huge chicken shit about asking girls out, and I'm hoping by leaving things unsaid at some point we'll just spontaneously start making out because real life is exactly the same as a romantic comedy. With her, it seems like she thinks I'm not interested in her, or she's waiting for spontaneous makeouts as well. I don't know, I'm not telepathic.

I thought the moment came last week. I made her some chainmail bracelets because I've noticed that women seem to like cheap jewellery as long as I make it myself. Right before I gave them to her, she pointed out that I seemed to be in a bad mood, and asked if I needed someone to talk to. I kind of was, but I don't know why. She was trying to be thoughtful, and then I get out the bracelets, showing that I'm thoughtful as well. She was taken completely by surprise and after a few moments of awkward silence, she said "I...have to hug you now."

Tuesday, we were back to not acknowledging anything. While leaving things unspoken is fun in some ways, I'd kind of like to get things going here, because subtle hints do not usually involve having sex and that is something I would very much like to do with her, among other things. So, that funny idea I'm not sure I should do that I mentioned:

Part of the creative writing class is reading things other people have written and filling out critique sheets. She asked me if I had anything I need reviewed on Tuesday, but I haven't written anything lately because I don't actually have to turn any more stories until the end of the month and I'm lazy. Later in the class, she said "You better have something for me to read on Thursday," but, well, it sounded less demanding when she said it. So, I figure she wants me to write something for her to read, I'll write something for her to read. I'll write about two people hinting that they're romantically interested in each other, not being direct, and being oblivious to the other person also being interested, throw in some references to conversations her an I have had, and title the story Story I Wrote Specifically for [Girl's Name].

My concerns are:

That she won't get it. Although, she seems to be reasonably intelligent, so she probably will.

That it's a bit much and I should just ask her out like a normal boring person. However, she's gathered that I'm rather intense at times and pull shit like this, and seems to like that about me, and I wouldn't want to disappoint her.

I am a HUGE chicken shit about asking girls out. Back in high school, there was this girl that I started developing feelings for, but she had a boyfriend and was monogamous so I didn't say anything. After they broke up, I told her how I felt and asked her out. She flipped out, and a few days later she called me into a meeting with some counsellors, acted like she was confronting me after a sexual assault, and left me feeling like a rapist. I've asked out plenty of girls since and nothing anywhere near as bad has happened, and I realize now that she was kind of very emotionally unstable and I did nothing wrong. But still, I am really fucking anxious every time because of that one incident and it is quite annoying.

So, good idea or what?
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