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Re: Labeouf Wants 18 Million To Return To Transformers 4

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You're right. I should've said "people STOPPED watching the ones he was in." As you say... GEN and FC did great... and then INS did okay... and then a flop.

Sounds like some franchise was LOSING it's audience.
They didn't know that went they made Nemesis. In hindsight it wasn't a good idea to pay Stewart so much, but they can't pay him less since actors are paid more the more sequels they do.

I'm arguing more money to Stewart made sense, since he was an important part of TNG movies.

I'm suggesting they dump Shia, since he was never that important to the series and get someone new.

You are arguing they might as well pay Shia that much since the Transformers movies make a lot of money.


Yet, they REBOUNDED with XI... hm....
TOS cast also had one flop movie with TFF, but that doesn't mean their entire film series was a failure. I was saying the same for TNG films.
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